Wood Badge (Adult Training Course)


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What is Wood Badge?

Wood Badge is the ultimate leadership training program for the adult leaders of the Boy Scouts of America. Established in 1919 by Robert Baden-Powell, Scouting’s founder, Wood Badge has been the training ground for hundreds of thousands of Scouters around the world. As the challenges in the world have changed, Wood Badge has also evolved to give leaders the skills they need to strengthen Scouting in meaningful ways. Wood Badge is two full weekends (6 days) of leadership development.  Course participants will learn the fundamentals of scouting as active participants in all aspects of the scouting program. It is equally valuable for adults who have no experience and those who have been in scouting forever. Woodbadge is an education in leadership that will also help you in your Professional, Family and Scouting Life. 

What are the Central themes of Wood Badge?

Wood Badge accomplishes its goals by building all the pieces of the course on a foundation of five central themes. Those themes, and the presentations that directly support them, are as follows:

What are some of the Wood Badge activities?

Wood Badge is two full weekends (6 days).  Course participants begin their Wood Badge experience as Cub Scouts, then bridge into Boy Scouting and form patrols for the remainder of the program.  Selected staff members interact with participants in the role of a Venturing crew. Representing a month in the life of a Scout unit, Wood Badge participants assume leadership roles to plan and carry out an extended outdoor experience.

Within this framework, participants take part in numerous presentations, discussions, and activities that explore and advance a wide range of leadership philosophies and tools.  A key area is the process of team development, where participants learn to apply appropriate leadership strategies at varying stages of team development.  

What are the Prerequisites for Attending Wood Badge?

Adult leadership training is a three-phase training experience, and a common thread will connect all three phases. The first phase begins in the unit and district with unit or district trainers providing the basic training listed below. Phase two is Wood Badge, conducted by the local council, and the third phase is Leadership Challenge conducted by the National Council at a BSA high-adventure base. The three prerequisites for Wood Badge are:

  1. All participants must be registered as an adult (18 or over) member of the Boy Scouts of America
  2. All participants must have completed the basic leader training appropriate for their current position in Scouting. This includes currently valid Youth Protection Training.
  3. Participants should be able to function safely in an outdoor environment. (Participants must submit parts A, B, and C of a BSA Health and Medical Record with a physician's signature dated within one year of the start of he course.)

Required Basic Training

Note:  If you took basic training before September, 2001, and have not changed positions since that time, previous versions of leader training courses completed prior to June 1, 2001 will be accepted.


Outdoor Skills Training:  Although only required for Troop and Team leaders, all participants are encouraged to complete the Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) training before attending Wood Badge.

Venturing and Sea Scouts Youth (18-20 years of age).  For the purpose of writing a ticket, the applicant should be an officer at the crew, ship, council, regional, or national level. 
Youth prerequisites: Venturing Youth Protection Training and Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews (ILSC) for Venturers and Introduction to Leadership Skills for Ships (ILSS) for Sea Scouts 

What is the ticket?

One of the great traditions of Wood Badge is the “ticket.”  During the course each participant will be asked to develop a contract or ticket – a list of goals that will allow them to use their newly learned leadership skills in ways to strengthen Scouting in their home units, districts, and councils. The ticket will include the participant’s personal values, roles in Scouting, a vision of success, and a mission of five significant goals that can be attained within 18 months. Overall, the ticket will be meaningful and enable the participant to practice the skills learned in the course. Troop Guides (Ticket Counselors) will assist participants in writing their tickets and approve them when complete. The Troop Guide and the participant will mutually agree when all the items of the ticket have been fulfilled.

What is the Wood Badge recognition?

Recognition for the successful completion of Wood Badge (including the ticket) consists of the distinctive Wood Badge neckerchief, woggle, the Wood Badge – two wooden beads worn on a leather thong around the neck, and the certificate.  This “regalia” is recognized around the world as a symbol of training and leadership experience.

Financial Assistance and Scholarships

We acknowledge participation in the Wood Badge Program can be time consuming and a financial burden, but several options are available to you. First, ask your unit or chartering organization for assistance.  Some labor unions, veteran organizations and employers will pay a portion since you are gaining valuable workplace skills. Qualified Scouters may also apply for these national Wood Badge scholarships:

Employers who value continuing education and leadership training may be a good resource.

Also, the Council has a Wood Badge Scholarship Fund.  Amounts granted, if any, depend on availability of funds, overall demand, and information provided.  To apply for a Scholarship, you must turn in your course application form or online registration, accompanied by the deposit, and completed the Application for the Wood Badge Scholarship.  Deadline to turn in a scholarship application is 60 days before the course start date.

Contributions & Donations to the Wood Badge Scholarship Fund are always welcomed and tax deductible. Please contact the Staff Advisor: Cedric Bodley, Cedric.Bodley@scouting.org